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February 7, 2009

EPRF’s letter of Appeal to the Djibouti Prime Minister

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EPRF’s letter of Appeal to the Djibouti Prime Minister

Office of the Prime Minister

Djibouti, P.O. Box 458

Ph#: (253) 35 34 09



Fax#: (253) 35 04 39



Date 31 January 2009 EPRF12J49HC

Dear Mr Prime Minister,



We are one political group among many political groups of Eritrea, who are struggling to implement the rule of law in Eritrea. We are advocates and defenders of human and democratic rights of all Eritreans inside and outside Eritrea.  Our political organisation “Eritrean People’s revolutionary front (EPRF) has specially been campaigning for and supporting Eritreans who have been fleeing the country because of the gross violation of their human rights in their own country, Eritrea.

We are sure that, you are aware of the large numbers of Eritreans are fleeing the country on a daily basis to the Djibouti and various other countries like Sudan, Ethiopia…etc usually by taking a great risk for their lives.

Your, Excellency:



We write to you today in order to convey our serious concern and worry with regard to your government’s security arrested due to the UNHCR officers warrant 17 Eritreans refugees in Leg-her prison located 17Km south of Djibouti.  Needless to say that this news caused extreme disquiet in all Eritreans circles both inside the country and abroad as it was not clear what the case and intentions are. As you are aware, the number of Eritreans fleeing into the Djibouti over the last few years has been increasing astronomically. The main cause of this exodus is the totalitarian and barbaric nature of the Eritrean regime. People are arrested for no reason and for unspecified time, the young are conscripted into the army for an unknown period of time and against their will, the traders are unable to trade freely and the religious unable to practise their faith. The number of those who are being tortured and killed without due process is increasing by the minute and family members are rarely informed. The Eritrean people today are consumed with fear and that is why the number of desperate Eritreans fleeing to the Djibouti to save their lives is increasing every day.


Your, Excellency:



We are sure that you are well aware of the situation in Eritrea at the present time. The country is hijacked by few who were supposed to have rescued it and the Eritrean people are, yet again, forced to leave the country they fought and paid dearly for. The people of Djibouti have always stood by the Eritrean people at their time of need and were instrumental to their victory. We are hopeful and confident that the Djibouti government will always safeguard and protect that Eritreans who has fled from tyranny. We believe you are aware on the current human rights situation in Eritrea and on the recent UNHCR position paper entitled “Return of Rejected Asylum Seekers to Eritrea – January 2004”. UNHCR in their recent communication recommended that states refrain from all forced returns of rejected asylum seekers to Eritrea and urged states to grant them complementary forms of protection.

We are mindful of the current political realities in the region; however, we firmly believe and expect that the lives of the innocent Eritreans could be protected under all circumstances.


Your, Excellency:

We would like to urge you first to grunt the release of the 17 Eritreans who they have been detained in Leg- her prison located 17km south of Djibouti. Second please it is not good for the future relation between the Eritrean and Djibouti people to use any an illegal detaining or deporting innocent Eritreans who have committed no crime, but to seek refuge in your country. These are desperate people who have escaped from desperate situations and we ask that they be protected as long as the threat to their lives remains. We thank you for taking the time to consider our concerns.





Yours Sincerely,

EPRF spokes person,

Merid Zeru

Shubertlaan 226

2625WC Delft

The Netherlands

Tell: 0031152614331






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