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November 3, 2009


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This message is from Eritrean Kunamas who live in North America. We are sending this message believing that you would take it seriously and seek a solution for its ending. Before saying what we want, it should be born in mind that it is not victory but shame for us Kunama to be in America because of the crisis in our country.

 As we all know the Kunama tribe has been a victim of the current Eritrean regime ever since the start of the Eritrean liberation struggle. which escalated after independence. Today, the rest of the Eritrean population including the Shabia supporters are part of  the fate. As a result, all Eritreans, regardless their ethnic and religious background, and mainly the youth are fleeing their beloved country. But, scaping the dictator and trying to go to Europe or America is not the solution. This was why in the first place we Kunama youth flew massively in to the Kunama organization DMLEK  to fight for our people as we used to do before. But this pure spirit has been destroyed by some new selfish and narrow minded DMLEK leaders particularly Kornelios Osman.


      As we all deeply know, the DMLEK leader Kornelios Osman who we Kunama know him as “ The Man Of All Evils”  has been kidnapping, imprisoning, torturing and killing a lot of innocent, educated and knowledgeable Kunama members for totally no reason. Because of this, many Kunama fighters have been deserting DMLEK  and went to Shimelba, Sudan and others even to their enemy Shabia. But the DMLEK leader Kornelios Osman has never learned any lesson from what is happening to DMLEK and the Kunama people. His evil acts affected the whole Kunama and no single Kunama is willing to fight siding with DMLEK. The Kunama  fighters and the poor refugee have been currently in a critical condition. As we said DMLEK fighters are leaving the fighting and are trying to come to the refugee camp, but on their way, they are being caught by the Ethiopian police and handed over to DMLEK before they get to Abbaguna, a village where new Eritreans get a refugee status card. The more kunama fighters escape from DMLEK, the more Kornelios gets frustrated. To calm his frustration, Kornelios has to scapegoat the innocent individuals living peacefully among the refugees. To spoil the peace and love among the Kunama, he divided the people by clan, village region etc and setting fire among brothers and sisters. To give you one recent example, On October 15, 2009 at 1:15 am Kornelios’ spies dropped a bomb in Shimelba refugee camp in the house of Simon Osman and wounded his niece Haregu Abdu and other friends. Such plots have been happening since 2000.This is the Kornelios’ sole plan of cleansing the intellectuals or individuals who he hates. DMLEK is effectively using a Nara descent known by Abdalla Sale and others to kill those it wants to. Abdalla Sale lives in Shimelba refugee camp, known as a DMLEK fighter.


   There is nothing unclear about all the kidnapping, killing, setting fire, throwing stones and the other plots that DMLEK has done, for it was done in front of all the refugees. But there was no agent that condemned these barbarous activities except a political organization called SAWRAWI BAITO which had tried its best to protect our innocent Kunama from being victimized by Kornelios. But this action did not go far for it was ordered to SAWRAWI BAITO  by some  Ethiopian leaders not to enter Shimelba refugee camp. So, by this occasion we would like to thank SAWRAWI BAITO for its efforts. Otherwise Shimelba is not a refugee camp for the Kunama people. Unless you support DMLEK we could not get the right of getting a job, resettlement opportunity and a little peace in the camp. As a Kunama could not think of joining any other opposition groups to fight for your country. DMLEK  considered as a crime to do so. ARRA which is the refugee administration told the Kunama youth not to organize themselves for any purpose without the knowledge of DMLEK. And no other opposition group is allowed to come to the Kunama refugees to campaign its political view. And no opposition group is allowed to have an office in the refugee camp except DMLEK. We are always under the threat of DMLEK, branding us with different nicknames like Jehad, Jebha, Shabia, opposer etc  to isolate from the ordinary people and kill us. Everything  has been reported from time to time to UNHCR and Ethiopian officers, but they totally gave a deaf ear. To make things worse, the DMLEK leaders lied to the Ethiopian and UNHCR officers( who are tied up with corruption with each other) that the  ex-fighters of DMLEK were terrorists, and because of this they were deprived from being resettled to a third country and are suspended on the pending case. The Kunama youth is still crossing the border to come to Ethiopia to seek a refugee. Those who fall under DMLEK on their way to Ethiopia are forced to join the fight, and if they refuse the consequence is imprisonment. In July, 2009 a Kunama youth called K estifanos crossed the boarder and was forced to join DMLEK. He refused and fled to Shimelba to live as refugee. ARRA officers agreed with DMLEK and sent the boy to Shiraro where he was kidnapped by shiraro police. While he was in Shiraro prison DMLEK spies covered their face with masks came to the police station and took Arkanjelo Estifanos after beating him to the death in front of the sheraro police. If there is a Kunama who support DMLEK,he/she lives in fear. And no Kunama support DMLEK at this time.


     Today, we want EDA who claims it is fighting for the Eritrean people to tell us, the Kunama  if we Kunama are not Eritreans. If not, why does EDA leave the Kunama people to Kornelios to be tortured. and killed? Why does EDA let Kornelios to throw bombs every time in a place where women and children live peacefully? How come you EDA do you think the Eritrean youth joins you to fight if you betray your people? We Kunama do not see Kornelios different than Isayas Aforki. If EDA does not condemn each other there is no need to fight Shabia but it would rather be easier for EDA to include PFDJ in its alliance.


    People of Eritrea and Ethiopia, we can not explain all what has been happening to kunama in Ethiopia. EDA knows that the Kunama are in danger because of DMLEK leaders. We, Kunama can not fight two enemies at the same time, but with the help of  good Eritreans we are sure we can win these two identical enemies. It is time for the Eritreans to take actions against any cruel and narrow minded people like Kornelios. We have already seen Shabia, and now the following is small pieces of shabias if we do not correct it right now. If  we really are fighting for Democracy and justice we Kunama in abroad, urge EDA to go ahead and help the helpless. This might look a minor problem, but we are advising EDA to explore the situation and stop Kornelios’ evil acts for the well-being of  the the Eritrean people.  


    As for the Ethiopian officers we want to tell that Kornelios is fighting to destroy Kunama people. Kornelios thinks that the Kunama land is only Karkasha, his village. A lot of people in different time and occasion informed Ethiopian security  about kidnapping, torturing and killing of many innocent and brave Kunama by DMLEK. For no action was taken for this reports Kornelios has the slogans like, Ethiopia does not know you, if i kill you no one is going to say anything etc. In January,2004 Kornelios came to Wlanihbi refugee camp and  ordered some Elders like Adam Musa, Lager Gaya  and some youth to kill certain individuals telling that if they do so, Ethiopian government would not say any thing. As his order, they tried on January 8,2004 to kill the individuals Kornelios wanted to die who mostly had blood ties to those Kornelios killed in prison. However, with the help of of the Tigrinya refugees and refugee police they were rescued. DMLEK broadcasted this incident on its radio wave telling its followers that it was a good try, and urged them to keep it up. But on the Ethiopian side we did not see any reaction.


   On May,2004 before the refugee moved to the new camp(Shimelba) DMLEK leaders ordered their cadres to set fire on the grass bought by whom they call them their opposers for the new camp. The fire started in the house of a video owner Tigrinya speaker named Meuz, which was very close to the grass they intended to set fire. The fire destroyed a lot of houses including the grass Kornelios wanted to destroy. That night, before the fire started DMLEK informed the Kunama refugee that Shabia spies entered the refugee camp. Some of the Kunama were  curious about the fire, The DMLEK false information and some activities during that night it was reported to the police spotting a suspect to be questioned. Nothing happened. They did not question the suspect. We felt very sorry for the negligence which we have never expected from  Ethiopians specially Tigrai or HUWHAT. We crossed the boarder  trusting the Ethiopian people because of the historic and cultural ties we have. It is unfortunate that the Ethiopians trusted only and only Kornelios, and accepted and appreciated  his measures on the Kunama people. 


    Because of Ethiopian carelessness Kornelios who himself says you trust him more than anything and who is not even a nationalist as far well as we Kunama know, destroyed the then blooming Kunama movement by killing brilliant Kunamas like Geometra Husein Yousuph,Yakob Ashora, Adaggo Awka, Nuri Tukka and chased out many others from the fighting, and boasted as if he destroyed the Shabia regime. Before DMLEK killed these innocent Kunamas, its attempt was reported to many leaders of Tigrai. We came innocently to fight for our people with out knowing the agenda behind. Even Kornelios was heard saying that if DMLEK does  not kill some Kunamas Ethiopian leaders would not trust them much.


  These innocent people were killed in different times. And the report was given every time a kunama was killed..No action was taken, in fact collaborated with DMLEK leaders and violated the Kunama way of settling blood feud and imprisoned and sentenced to many years for two Kunamas named Diglel Anderea and Woldu Kelali accusing that they killed DMLEK fighter Denadai Petro in Shimelba,while the killer was a different person who also died in Mekele prison. Therefore, not only DMLEK leaders but also some Tigrai leaders are responsible for the lives of the Kunama and its struggle.


  On the other hand we would really want to thank some Shiraro police officers who were often told by DMLEK leaders to kidnap and kill some innocent kunamas from Shimelba and they refused to do so and informed the individuals about the plot and told them to be careful and not to go around alone. We do not want to forget also some Tigrai civilian people who played their role in protecting the lives of Kunama from evil plots of DMLEK leaders. We urge them to continue their effort to save the lives of the poor Kunama from this cruel leader.  


      Finally, we want the EDA and Ethiopian leaders not to get stunned if this information is new to some of you. It is very true and it is like a cup water from the Red Sea. We can not tell all by writing. Kornelios has a long plan of destroying lives, and has a long chain with Ethiopian security starting from Shimelba all the way to Addis tied up with a lot of corruption.


    Finally we need to make clear that, we have been stating the name Kornelios many times in this text because we suspect his health specially his mental well-being. His acts do not seem can be done by a normal human being. He has made a very shameful history by killing his real brothers and sisters and sowing the seed of division and hostility among the poor Kunamas. His acts are helping the Eritrean dictator regime to prosper and stay in power. Some of us even suspect him as the spy of Shabia, and definitely he is. It is getting too late, which is going to affect the Eritrean and Ethiopian people again if we disdain the situation. It is easier to destroy things as Kornelios did than construct. No a single Kunama thought of going to America, but it was the result of all the above reasons. We could no even live peacefully as refugees. No body came to encourage us and give us hope to look for other options. It was the choice we made after feeling helpless. Now the lucky once are here in America worrying for those we left behind.We have enough from shabia, we do not want the Shabias to appear every time in different forms everywhere. If you take actions and correct the wrong ways of DMLEK leaders, we are always in your side to fight for our people. But there is no way for the Kunama youth to fight for his people being under DMLEK as you Ethiopia security know. At this time for Kunama, DMLEK is equal to SHABIA. Kornelios is not going to admit his mistakes and learn a lesson from them, because he is spending sleepless nights scared of the waves of the revenge awaiting from Kunama. For this reason peace is his enemy and terror is his friend. Let us all Eritreans Ethiopians be careful from this bad leader, and let us get together to eliminate Isayas and his follower Kornelios.


   All  Ethiopian officers who have close ties with Kornelios please stop messing with him and come the  right path for the sake of our people or tell us what wrong we Kunama did to deserve all this. 


    All Eritreans and Ethiopians have to act fast to stop our repetitive criminal leaders. The time is now.       


                  Thank You


                     Kunamas From North Amerika,


You can contact us through our mail, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


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  1. I am only now learning about a lot of things including shimelba, but I want to help. honestly what can someone like me do?

    Comment by Fawn — November 5, 2009 @ 5:27 am | Reply

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