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February 24, 2010

A clear message from an eight year old ERITREAN kid to President Barack Obama and Susan Rice

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iReport —

Location: Washington DC. The Speaker: 8 Year old Eritrean Kid.  The speech started with the kid saying I just want to say a couple of  reasons why I thank God. First I want to thank god because I am part of  Eritrean people, and how Eritrean people care about their country than  anything else. Its like treasure you cannot find that! And also I want  to thank god for being part of this historical day, everybody should  remember it in their life, because at the end of this day we are going  to make a difference for the Eritrean people. Now you people might be  wondering why an eight year old kid would be here on a school day  instead of going to school, because school is a priority? but I am here  so that people can hear my voice about what I think about this Unjust  sanctions.

The 8 year old kid came up on stage to declare his  disbelief on the unjust sanction imposed against ERITREA, and how  neighbouring country is still occupying Eritrean territories!! The  message is truly inspiring. It’s AMAZING..On this day 22/02/2010 our  beloved people made history….got nothing but  tears of joy! Our  Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and  Sisters, you made us proud!!


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