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November 1, 2010

Voice of Erirea:Interview with Tekle Melekin of EPDP and Merid Zeru of EPRF recorded on USTREAM. Conference

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  1. Having heard the interview, the following is my feedback to Merid Zeru‘s responses.

    On the impact of Geopolitics on Eritrea:

    The fact that you mentioned : (1) the internal dynamics of Eritrea are the decisive factors to anything and everything that happened or failed to happen in Eritrea, (2) that the impact of the geopolitics on Eritrea is merely additive, (3) that GoE’s failure to introduce good governance that respects the rights and freedoms of the citizens is crucial to the internal dynamics of Eritrea, (4) and that the ambition of the GoE is in constant conflict with the interest of the super powers in the area, are all in fact worth considering. I think you have done well on this section; and a thumb is up.

    On the question of why Ethiopia is supporting the “opposition forces”:

    You never hesitated to tell it like it is which the Eritrean way is. You said that “Ethiopia is not a Red Cross”. Indeed, everything Ethiopia has been doing with respect to the “opposition forces” is driven by its own interest. In that you focused only on the access to the Aseb-port and a possible peace dividend. I like to add to that the following.

    Ethiopia has no interest in seeing a strong Eritrea that can compete in spheres such as but not limited to regional politics, economics, and dominance over the region. What this means is that Ethiopia is striking a balance between this one and the two interests you mentioned. These three interests do not complement each other. As they tend to be inherently contradictory, Ethiopia is compelled to play a balancing act; and the “opposition forces” seem to be oblivious to such possibilities. One thing that could be mentioned here is that the idea of “nationalism” up to and including secession is not, as you mentioned, Eritrean. It has been being pressed into the minds of Eritreans, and as such is intended to weaken the state of Eritrea.

    You said “in a diplomatic arena, a hand shake is meaningful “. That says it all. Anything beyond the hand shake is to be scrutinized, particularly in the case of the “opposition forces” and the Ethiopian authorities.

    On the case of the waEla of Addis Ababa:

    As you correctly said it, the problem of the Addis Ababa waEla is embodied not only technical differences but is also mired in strategic differences. As to the technical aspect, you provided enough details. You explained the things that must have been done prior to the waEla, such as determining the agenda and letting the general public discuss the issues, and that the process must have been exemplary for a democratic process. Simply put, the technical differences were minor and could have been corrected or redone all over again had there not been strategic differences.

    The strategic difference, however, is not something that would be overcome easily. As you said it correctly, the Addis Ababa waEla, indeed includes “mercenaries” who cooperated on the ground with Ethiopian authorities and mlitary against the defence forces of Eritrea. In that they did counsel, pave, and lead the Ethiopian army against our defence forces. This is something unforgivable and unbearable.

    Wining the heart and mind of the Diaspora Eritreans is the first thing that the “opposition forces” must overcome; and is the only way forward in dealing with anything of issues that has a national nature. Democracy is installed only by following a democratic process.

    Raphael Arefaine

    Comment by Raphael Arefaine — November 5, 2010 @ 5:39 pm | Reply

  2. We Eritreans knowingly or unknowingly had made a great and historical mistake. Why do we always irritate ,bother ,commit and blood our selves in establishing a small,risky , un economical,turmoiland poverty absorbing brothers and my sisters look at the world.Which countries are economically sustainable.Big or small countries.Beyond the oil exporting countries.The fact is that big countries are the best opportunities for development.I have been raised in Ethiopia.My mother and father are from eritrea.My father had a garage in one town of Ethiopia.I was raised in avery good manner and was learning in a qualified school.During the civil war some members of the EPLF were telling myfather and my mother about EPLF and its mission secretly.Then the time came and EPLF leaders came to power.The border war started and we abandoned from Ethiopia.We were not even permitted to stay in Asmara.My father could not resist the problem and he died immediatly.Then my mother followed to die in two years time.I was able to escape from Eritrea facing the shoot to kill.I am now in Canada.My question is now why always these poleticians diasporas are creating a problem .What benefit do i get being an Eritrean.Death,poverty.Asylem seeker…etc.But what would have been the case if we had been with Ethiopia.more development,more democracy,more peace.

    Comment by abraham hailu — December 17, 2010 @ 1:10 pm | Reply

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