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December 27, 2010

Mr. President, What will be your promises For 2011?

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Let me start by saying Merry Christmas and happy New year for you and the entire Eritreans at home and in the Diaspora.

Mr. President:

Year in and year out you continue to make several promises to the people of Eritrea, most of which you do not keep. I am just wondering what will be you promises for 2011?

As most will recall last year you stated no single household and or person would go to sleep hungry in Eritrea, yet many people continue to face hunger. So how true was your promise or your commitment to your promise?

While jobs are scarce and unemployment rampant, and the price of commodities skyrocketing, your statements do not go over well with the common Eritrean. Contrary, life in Eritrea is unbearable and ordinary people continue to suffer.

This is not to say, there have not been progress since our Independence, I am sure there are many accomplishments, but without the rule of law and freedom of the people of Eritrea your efforts remains insignificant.

According to economists Eritrea’s GDP has been negative for the past many years due to a lack of national resources. Gold mining is showing positive results, this is good news to all, however, according your own speech , you stated that revenues from mining are not going to be the remedy to the chronic economical problems that Eritrea is facing at present.

So, Mr. President, let me ask you again, on one hand you said no single Eritrean is going to sleep hungry, yet, by undermining the revenue of mining your are contradicting your own words, so Mr. President what is the truth? If mining revenue is not a remedy then what will generate and or replenish the coffers of Eritrea so the people of Eritrea will not go hungry?

In many developing countries ordinary people are not benefiting from the wealth of their country, for example, Iran makes billions of dollars from oil but the benefactors are the Mullahs while ordinary people continue to go without the basic need of life, thus abandoning their home of origin, the same in Angola, Congo, Nigeria and many other countries where the common person eats unhealthy food, while generals and ministers are living like kings and their children continue to receive the best education available in the west.

The consumption by Eritrean generals is a rip off of the basic needs of the common person and corruption is at the highest levels of governments and the military, among generals, colonels and ministers, and you personaly turn a blind eye to this devastating situation.  Your lack of positive action does not free you from your corrupt generals and ministers, in fact it makes you one of them. So, Mr. President is Eritrea fate going to be like those countries mentioned above? Do you have  a plan to clean up the corruption mess and implement the over due constitution of Eritrea so your generals would know they are no longer above the law?

Mr. President, for the last 20 years you have been leading the country under decree without constitutional law, the constitution is more needed now than ever, before the exploration of other mining. So once again Mr. President, when is it the right time to implement the rule of law?

Many years has elapsed since many Eritreans were imprisoned without due process, so when will it be the right time to bring them into the Court of Law, and when are you going to inform the love ones of those being held of their fate if they are indeed still alive?

Similarly, when are you going to let our younger generation be free, those who are scattered on the mountain under the deception of so-called National Service? You must realize, those young people are the future of Eritrea and they also have loved ones to feed.

Mr. president, there is a word in most dictionaries, the word is enough.

Enough is enough!

So, Mr. President what will be your promises for 2011?

Thank you,

Naz Yemane

Voice of Eritrea.



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